Sunday Meditation July 1

LoveLight Meditation Circle

allegory of earth_jan breughel_1618 - Copy‘Allegory of Earth’ by Jan Brueghel the Elder, 1611.

Welcome all LoveLights  ❤

Thank you so much to everyone who flowed Light through the LoveLight Circle’s Solstice meditation and/or others last weekend…the collective energy radiating around the planet was wonderful! 🙂  This weekend we’re asked to continue with the Harmony, Bliss and Appreciation frequencies of the 6D soft golden fluidic light-wave, with a special focus for all the animals on Earth being bathed in this gentle yet steady, strong flowing wave of pure Love from the Heart of Source, into, for and through all creation.

Begin with relaxing deeply…breathing in Love, breathing out Love, breathing in Light, breathing out Light…breathing into your Heart, feeling the pure soul light within, bright and steady, always present, this steady core of infinite Love, radiating throughout your being to all Life, in union with all Life. As you connect with the Heart of beloved…

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